DevOps & Development (21-22/10/2023)

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About Course

◼Learn to implement DevOps practices, promoting collaboration between development and operations teams to streamline software development and deployment processes.

◼Gain expertise in configuring Azure DevOps projects, facilitating efficient project management and collaboration in cloud environments..

◼Develop proficiency in using Git and GitHub for version control, enabling effective code management and collaboration..

◼Learn to manage Azure resources efficiently, optimizing resource allocation and utilization in cloud-based projects.

◼Acquire practical experience in developing and deploying real-world projects, honing your skills in cloud-based application development.

◼Develop the ability to troubleshoot applications in a cloud environment, ensuring reliable and resilient cloud-based solutions.

◼Follow best practices in code reviews and project maintenance, promoting code quality and collaboration within development teams.

◼Enhance your career prospects in both software development and DevOps domains, opening doors to diverse job opportunities

◼Create a portfolio of projects that showcase your skills and expertise, a valuable asset for career growth.

◼Optimize Azure resources for cost-efficiency, ensuring that cloud infrastructure aligns with project requirements and budgets.

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What Will You Learn?

  • -Implement DevOps practices.
  • - Configure Azure DevOps projects.
  • - Master Git and GitHub for version control.
  • - Manage Azure resources efficiently.
  • - Develop and deploy real-world projects.
  • - Troubleshoot applications in a cloud environment.
  • - Follow best practices in code reviews and project maintenance.
  • - Enhance career prospects in software development and DevOps.
  • - Build a project portfolio.
  • - Collaborate effectively in development teams.
  • - Optimize Azure resources for cost-efficiency.
  • - Automate CI/CD pipelines.
  • - Secure Azure resources and control access.
  • - Scale applications to meet evolving needs.
  • - Excel in roles across software development and DevOps domains.

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